Sunday, September 7, 2014

Investigator Good News!

This week was really good!! We had a couple really great lessons. First on Tuesday we met with Oonishi San. We talked about Joseph Smith and we even watch the restoration video with her. When we asked her about what she thought of Joseph Smith's experience, she said that if it was true, it's pretty amazing that God would show himself to someone.  Then for the last 30 minutes of the lesson we just decided to ask her what questions she has. There is this one member, Brother Kimura, who has been really good with fellow-shipping her. But at the same time he just likes to tell her every little thing about the gospel - like about how you have to take the sacrament with your right hand. Anyway so she has heard a lot about different small parts about the church so we wanted her to feel free to ask us any of her questions. She asked about the Word of Wisdom and also about baptism. So we talked about baptism and why it's important. She said before that she doesn't really have any interest in actually joining the church, but when we asked her to be baptized she said that she would really think about it! So even though it's not a baptismal date yet, it's still a step in the right direction. She is still coming to Eikaiwa and church every week. So I think she realizes that there is something here and I think she can feel the spirit when she comes to church.

   The most important thing about this church, or I guess one of the most `enticing` reasons that people have for joining the church is that we are a welcoming church. People should always feel welcome and feel accepted the moment they walk in the doors. Whenever we tell people about coming to church we describe the members as our family, because we truly are all brothers and sisters. People want to be accepted no matter what their background might be or what they have done in the past. The Lord is willing to accept anyone and we should be that way too! :)

  Thank you all so much for everything!  Have a wonderful week!
   Morrison Shimai
The Elders Serving in Hakodate

Shopping at the Recycle Shop in Hakodate - The perfect shoes!

Example of the translation - Love it!

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