Monday, October 7, 2013

Love One Another

   I think I said this the last couple weeks but this week was SO crazy!!! It's a busy place out here in the mission field!! The past 3 weeks (since we had transfers) me and my companions have been going through the area book (a book where we keep track of all the people that we've taught and what we have taught them) and going through all of our investigators and other people who said they might have interest in learning more about Christ to figure out who really has interest in hearing our mesage. We've been calling people (and finding that we were given wrong numbers) and going to people's houses (and finding that they don't  live there anymore). So it's been a little discouraging the past few weeks, but we have one investigator right now who is really interested in learning more about the gospel.
   Her name is Sotokawa San. She's an older lady who comes to Eikaiwa every week. (As a service "project" we teach a free English class every week). She is the sweetest lady and her English is actually pretty good. I think her English is better than my Japanese... :) Anyway she used to meet with the Missionaries a while ago, but then stopped because she was very busy with her job. But now she is interested in the church again. She has read the Book of Mormon twice and is reading it through a third time. She believes that the Book of Mormon is true and so now we are focusing on trying to get her to come to church. She works a lot and doesn't feel like she has time so we're really trying to help her see the importance of church and what a good experience it is every week. To go to a place where we can teach and learn from each other more about the Savior and his gospel.
   One quick thing that I learned in my gospel study that I thought I would share with you. This morning I was reading in John 13 and I came to verses 34 and 35. We quote 34 a lot about "a new commmandment I give unto you that ye love one another". But I never really pay attention to verse 35 "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have alove one to another."  It talks about how Christ's disciples loved one another. So in order to be a disciple or a representative of Christ, one of the most important things we can do is to show love towards one another. So I'm challenging myself to show my love for people this week more - by writing notes, doing small acts of service. Something like that. So if you want to take the challenge with me you are more than welcome. :)
Hope you are all doing well!!
Much love from Japan!!!
Morrison Shimai

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