Monday, September 30, 2013

Providing Service - Harvesting Potatoes

   So this week has been so crazy, but it's been so fun!!! I love having to 2 companions!! It's so much fun being companions with Bastow Shimai and Lundstrom Shimai. I can't remember if I told you anything about them. Bastow Shimai is from Utah, she just turned 20 and she was in the MTC the same time as me so we both got to Japan almost 2 months ago! (Oh man I just realized I've been here for almost 2 months! Time goes by so fast!!). Lundstrom Shmai is from Ohio and she will be 21 in November. She's been in Japan since April and she says that her Japanese isn't very good, but it really is. We have a lot of fun together and we all get along really well!
   This week we've pretty much been exploring Obihiro. Me and Bastow Shmai have been in Obihiro for 6 weeks and Lundstrom Shimai just got here. So we're in charge of leading the way and finding where our investigators live. It's been quite an adventure, but we're all learning together. We visited a lot of people this week to introduce Lundstrom Shimai. She's a really great missionary with talking to everyone and getting to know people!
   Obihiro is the city that I live in, but there's a lot of church members who live in another area called Otofuke. There's a lot of farm land so we go up there every once in a while to visit people. On Saturday all the missionaries were invited to a members' house, the Shibota family, to help them harvest their potatoes. There were also a couple other church members who came and they all brought their kids to help out too. It was really fun and I mostly helped the little kids and they are just soooo adorable. At one point, one of the little boys picked up a worm and put it on Bastow Shimai. She flipped out a little bit, but then that gave us the idea to do the same thing to Lundstrom Shimai.... i guess we should be nice to our trainer, but we thought it would be so funny. We put the worm on her neck when she was talking to another missionary and she screamed and freaked out. We all laughed about it. And the kids thought it was pretty funny too! Have I mentioned how much I love the church members here? :)
   Japan has been great and I love it here - even with all the rain!
Hope you are all doing well!
Morrison Shimai

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