Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer Week - still in Hakodate

Konnichiwa Minasan!

   Well we had transfers this last week and yep I am still in Hakodate. But my beloved companion Yabutani Shimai returned home to Osaka. It was so sad to say goodbye to her, she was a great companion, and I will really miss her a lot! But I'm excited for this next transfer with my new companion, Holt Shimai. She is from Herriman, Utah. Her and I had the same trainer and our first area was Obihiro, so it's been fun reminiscing about all the members and investigators there. :)

   This week we found the most wonderful PI (potential investigator). Her name is Watanabe San. She is a young mom with the most adorable twin girls! They are only 2 years old. So we found her when we were housing on Friday. At first she told us that she wasn't interested, and usually when people do that we always tell them about the free English Classes that we teach every week. So we told her about it and she got so excited and said that she wanted to come. So right now she says that she doesn't have interest in the gospel, but hopefully once she come to our English class she will become interested. There are so many people here in Japan who were first introduced to the church through English class, It's a really great way to meet people and get to be their friend! So I will let you know if she comes to English class next week!

   This week we also had a ward BBQ (and no, not because it was the 4th of July :)). There was a really good turn out from the ward! We don't always have a ton of opportunities to interact with all the ward members outside of church because they all live so far away. But when we do have ward activities they are always so fun and welcoming.

   I'm excited for the opportunity to continue to be working in Hakodate!! I know we are going to have a wonderful transfer full of miracles and new investigators! Thanks for all your support and love! This is the Lord's work and he is guiding it. He will not let us fail.

   Love you all! Thanks so much!! Have a great week!

   Morrison Shimai

Chickens... What?

Squid What??   This girl has changed!

With Chise San

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