Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sharing a Message of Happiness

Hello everyone!!

   So this week was alright. Sometimes there are good weeks, sometimes there are bad weeks. And you know, that's just how things go in life right? But we are not letting this bad week get us down! :) We don't have a ton of investigators in this area right now, and the ones that we do have are very hard to meet with. They are always busy and always cancelling at the last minute with us. But we did have a little miracle this week and her name is Wakana chan. 

   Wakana chan is a 7 year old girl. Her mom, Hoshino San, used to take lessons from the missionaries about 4 years ago. So about 2 weeks ago, I called her to say hi and see if she remembers the missionaries. It sounds like she hadn't been in contact with the missionaries for a few years. I talked with her on the phone for a good 30 minutes. She was telling me all about her life and her family. She is a pretty amazing woman, who loves her daughter so much, that she was willing to sacrifice her own dreams in order to give her daughter the best life she could. I asked her if it would be alright if we stop by her house. She said that she usually doesn't get home from work until about 7 or 7:30 but said it was alright if we stopped by. So at the end of that week, we decided to stop by her apartment around 7 at night. We could see that all the lights were on inside the apartment. So we knew that they were home. I rang the door bell twice, but no one came out. Then I knocked on the door about 3 times. Maybe I was being a little annoying, but I really wanted to talk to them! :) So I felt like that was a pretty good excuse. Then finally the door opened and there was a little girl standing on a chair in the doorway. It was Wakana chan. The daughter that I had heard so much about over the phone. She was home alone and so that's why she hadn't opened the door. So I quickly apologized and asked her when her mom would be home. She said she would probably be home in 10 minutes. So we waited and just talked with this cute little girl for about 15 min. Her mom didn't come home, but it was getting late. As we were leaving I remembered that I had some candy in my bag, so I gave her the candy and asked her to tell her mom that we would be coming back the next week.

   So this week we went back one more time. But this time we decided to try to go at 7:30 at night. Hoping that would be late enough for us to meet her. This time I only had to ring the doorbell once and Wakana chan came running and opened the door for us. I didn't have to say anything, and she just said 'wait here, I'll call my mom'. Her mom said she would be home in 10 minutes so once again we waited and just talked and played with Wakana chan. Then her mom finally came home and we were about to talk with her for a little while. Wakana chan really wanted us to come inside , but by that time it was almost 8 and I could tell that Hoshino San was tired and probably had other things to do. So I asked Hoshino San if we could come another day and she said that was fine. I asked her what day would be good, and she looked at me hesitantly as if she didn't want to make a specific time. But Wakana chan says, 'can you come back next Thursday at 7:30?' And how could I refuse this sweet, little girl's offer? Exactly of course I couldn't so we made an appointment with the daughter to come back. This little girl stays home all by herself until her mom comes home so of course she must be lonely. And Hoshino San works all day and then comes home to talk care of her daughter, so she much not really have a ton of adult interaction besides work. They are both lonely and I really think Hoshino San is looking for more in her life. She truly wants what is best for her daughter. I just know they could benefit and find so much joy in the gospel. We share with everyone a message of happiness and I can't think of any other message with this kind of worth!
    Love you all so so so much!
   Thanks for all your love and support!
   Have a lovely week!
   Morrison Shimai

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