Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Love to see the Temple, even if under construction!

Hello everyone!

   This week was good! This week with Oota San we focused on talking about the temple. So we had a really good lesson about the temple and why the temple was so important on Saturday. Then on Sunday a member took us all to the temple site! It was such a cool experience for us and for Oota San. I think it's hard for her to imagine what the temple will look like or what it will be like to go inside, but I think she really enjoyed going. There is just a different kind of spirit there, and I think she could feel it. :) 

   This week we also had a Halloween party at our Free English Class. It was so fun! In Japan people don't actually celebrate Halloween, so we were explaining to everyone how you dress up and go door to door asking for candy. They just thought that was so weird and dangerous! Pretty funny! We played some fun games and we even had a pinata! But did you know that they don't have pinatas in Japan? Well they don't... So me and Yugawa Shimai put our brains together and we made one! It was really not fancy at all, but I think it turned out ok. The only problem was that I think we put too much tape on it, so it was really hard to break! It was my first time making a pinata people! Give me a break! haha :) We had quite a few young people show up, so there ended up being about 25 people there! So fun!

   Also this week we really were focusing on showing the members more love and how grateful we are for them. We went and visited about half of the members during the week, and it really payed off, because we ended up getting 3 referrals! We were so excited about that! I know that we can't do this work without the help of the members, and I'm so grateful for the help that they have given us! I know that the missionaries are always grateful for everything the members do. Whether it's a referral, an opportunity to serve, or just a nice conversation. Please never pass up an opportunity to let the missionaries help you either. We love to help, and we want to! No matter what it is. When we are truly united as missionaries and member missionaries, I know that this Work of Salvation will go forward with greater speed than it ever has before!

Have a lovely week!
Love you all!
Morrison Shimai

 Homemade Piñata

 English Class Halloween Party

 Sapporo Temple Construction site

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  1. Thank you for our Happy Halloween party and English class!!