Saturday, July 27, 2013

You Have A Lot of Hair.....

Hi Everyone,

This week has been pretty exciting. We're already getting ready to take our flight to Japan! We got our flight plans yesterday and I'll be leaving the MTC at 7:30 AM on Monday, August 5th. My companion, Butler Shimai who is going to the Sendai mission, will be leaving the MTC at 2:30 AM on Monday. So I'm pretty happy that I'll get to sleep in a little. :) 

We'll fly from Salt Lake City to Seattle and then from Seattle to Tokyo. And finally Tokyo to Sapporo.  We'll arive in Sapporo at 8:30 PM on Tuesday, August 6th (local time I assume). It's been great and I've even started packing again. It's still a little stressful trying to decide what I'll really need for the next 16 months in Japan, but I think it's much more enjoyable than when I was first packing for the MTC.
Most interesting experience this week (which actually happened this morning): So Butler Shimai and I decided it would probably be a good idea to get our hair cut one last time before we leave for Japan. Here at the MTC they have a little barber shop. So we made appointments to get a trim today. Before our appointment we were talking about how we love going to get our hair cut because they wash your hair and cut all the split ends off and its just so relaxing. Maybe we're the only ones who feel this way but it's just so nice. Anyway we were pretty excited. But obviously our expectations were just a little bit too high...   It took the lady exactly 3 minutes to cut Butler Shimai's hair. And mine took about 15 minutes. Literally this is what happened: we went in, they asked us what we wanted, we sat down, they sprayed our hair with a little bit of water, cut the ends of our hair and we were done. The lady who was cutting my hair, all she could say the whole time I was there was "You have a lot of hair" and I was like "Yes I do". Or she would say, "You have so much hair that I won't need to go to the gym tonight becuase my arms are getting a nice workout" and then I would say "Glad I could help you get a workout while you're at work". It was very amusing. 

Once we were done the first thing Butler Shimai said was "after you get a haircut are you still suppose to have the same split ends you had before the hair cut?" And the first thing I said, "I don't think my hair feels any lighter, it feels thicker than before". We both decided that they probably didn't even cut our hair, but just sprayed our hair with water to make it seem like they did. :)
I can't wait to write you next week!
Hope you are all doing well!
Much love! Ai Shiteimasu!
Morrison Shimai

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