Sunday, January 26, 2014

Transfer Week

Hello all!!
   Well I'm still in Muroran with Kuroki Shimai and everything is going great here! Except for the fact that it's still freezing, but I'm becoming more accustomed to the cold so I think that's a good sign... :)   Although this last Saturday it was really warm and it rained and melted some of the snow, so I was really getting my hopes up for a warmer week. But my dreams were crushed when I woke up to a foot of snow on Sunday morning. :(   But really I count my blessings everyday because it's much warmer here then other places on Hokkaido! :)
   This week was transfer week. So on Thursday we went to Sapporo and had a big Rehearsal for the Musical Fireside that we'll be having on Feb. 15th and March 2nd. Apparently they do this every year as a mission in Sapporo, but this will be the last one because the mission president and his wife will be going back to America in July. So it's a pretty big deal. There are some numbers with just small groups of people and then a couple that we all sing together. The ones that I'm in are the 2 big group ones and I'm also singing in 2 songs where it's just the Sisters who sing. We spent the whole day on Thursday rehearsing and I was so tired by the end of the day. 
  We got to stay in Sapporo on Thursday and Friday and go on splits with some other missionaries. I went to an area called Shinkotoni. It's a part of Sapporo and my companion for the day was Kumano Shimai (oh I almost forgot side note: dad do you know a Kumano Shimai? I guess she served in Kobe about 30 years ago so I was wondering if you remembered her). We had a really run time and we tired to visit some people but no one was home. So we just talked to a bunch of people on the streets.
   Basically that was my week, transfers and splits. But I'm really excited that I get to stay in Muroran for another transfer!! We have some great investigators and we're hoping to see a baptism this transfer!!!! :)
   Love you all!! Hope all is well! Have a great week!!
Morrison Shimai

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