Sunday, January 19, 2014

Transfers Already!

Hello all!!!
   This week has been our first normal week in a long time! With all the holidays and everything, I feel like this transfer has gone by super fast! And it's almost time for transfers again! I hoping that I wll stay in Muroran because I feel like my time here has been way too short. :)
   This week we were able to meet with lots of people! We had 8 lessons this week!!! which i think is a record for me! So that was super exciting!!! At the beginning of the week it looked like we weren't going to meet with many of our investigators because 3 of our lessons got canceled. So we were really dissapointed, but the Lord is truly the one who is in charge of this work! 
   On the day that all of our lessons got canceled, there was a huge snow storm. So now we walk everywhere and as we walk we try to stop and talk to people. It was about 4:00 pm and pretty much completely dark. The wind was blowing super hard and the snow was really coming down. It was hard to open our eyes and we really couldn't see anything! But we stopped and talked to a girl - her name is Ayana Chan. She's 22 years-old and she is currently going to school to become a nurse. We talked to her for about 5 minutes and she said that she was interested in hearing more about our message. So we tried to exchange numbers (the way you do it in Japan is you can just hold your phones right next to each other and it will send your information), but it wasn't working. So she invited us to her house so that we could get out of the cold and the snow. We went to her apartment and she gave us hot chocolate and we were able to teach a lesson with her!!! She is super nice and she really seems interested!! So I'm excited to start teaching her more next week!!!
   So hopefully I'll be emailing you from Muroran next week!!
   Love you all and hope you are all doing well!!!
モリソン 姉妹

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