Monday, March 24, 2014

We Love to Teach!!

Hello all!!
 So this week was good!!! The beginning of the week started out just too perfect! It was truly the beginning of a miracle week! On Monday night we were out dendoing and we weren't able to meet with an NA (non-active), she ended up not being home when we went to visit her. So after we were trying to figure out what to do, go housing, call some people, try to see another NA. By this time it was about 7:30 at night and so Gibbs Shimai says "why don't we try to go visit Ayana Chan?" Side note* she is one of our investigators who has a baptismal date for the middle of May and we have had a really hard time getting a hold of her and haven't been able to meet with her at all so far this transfer. So we decided to pray about it and we were just pleading with Heavenly Father that we would be able to meet with her. So we go to her apartment and she is home!! She invites us in and she was really excited to see us. She tells us that she will be moving on Sunday (yesterday). So it was a little miracle that we were able to meet her one more time before she moved! Luckily she will still be living in Muroran so we'll continue to teach her! Super exciting!
   Ok and then on Wednesday we went to yama no ue (top of the mountain). Literally it's like this tiny part of the city at the top of this huge mountain. Really weird I know! :) We tried to meet some people, but no one was home, so we decided to do some housing. And right before we started housing Gibbs Shimai said, "I don't want to do finding anymore! I want to actually teach people!" And then I said "Me too! We really need to make an appointment and find strong investigators."  I truly think the Lord heard our sincere plea to teach people, because the first house we knocked on a lady answered the door. She was a young mom and we started teaching her about the importance of families. And she kept listening for a good 5 min! So Gibbs Shimai asked her if she would be interested in hearing more about our message and she says yes! Then I asked her if there was another time we could come back when she's not busy. And she was like, "well how long is your message?". So we say "well about 30 min". And she says "ok I have time let me just go get my baby and you can teach me now". And as soon as she went into the other room, me and Gibbs Shimai just look at each other and we both say, "we're going to teach a lesson!!" So we quickly talked about what we were going to teach and we stayed at her house for almost an hour teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and then we introduced the Book of Mormon and we gave it to her and she took it!!!!  It was a really exciting day! We made an appointment to meet her on Tuesday again!!!! Her name is Kunimatsu San and she has a 4 month old baby boy named Ritora. So please keep her and her family in your prayers that we will be able to teach them!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Morrison Shimai 

Food Pictures - We rarely have dessert because it is so expensive.  Gibbs Shimai

"Bolt Man"  (Fun things we find in Japan)

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