Monday, April 14, 2014

New Investigators and Conference - My week was great!

 So this week was so great!!! A complete turn-around from last week! Which I am so grateful for because this is the last week of the transfer so we are ending on a high note! Yay!!
   This week we were able to gain 3 new investigators!!! It was so exciting. 2 of these new investigators are actually old investigators from about 7 years ago. We were searching through some of the old records and found their names and called them and we were able to set up appointments! One of them, Ogawa San, is a mother of 2 high school kids. She is very busy, but she made some time for us so that we could have a lesson over the phone this week. We talked a lot about God and if he really exists. We have an appointment to finally meet her in person on Tuesday so we are excited for that!
   Our other new investigator is Alis. She is from Malaysia and she is Muslim. We first met her at the train station when Gibbs Shimai and I first got to Muroran after transfers. We were able to exchange numbers with her and this week we finally met her and also one of her friends, Fatine. They speak Malay, English, Japanese and a little bit of German! I'm also so impressed when I meet people that speak more than 2 languages!  They are really awesome girls!!  They both attend college here in Muroran and so they are about 22 years old.  On Wednesday we went out to dinner with them and they were asking a lot of questions about our religion and Christianity in general. It was funny because I'm so used to explaining things in Japanese that at some points I would start speaking Japanese and then I have to sit there for a minute and think "wait how do I explain this in English??" It was super funny. So we talked to them in an English/Japanese mix. :)   It was so interesting to learn about their culture and their religion as well. They said that they really are interested in learning about our religion and they said they wanted to come to church! They are pretty devoted to their own religion, but we are hoping that as we befriend them and continue teaching them, then maybe the spirit will be able to touch their hearts!
   Oh my goodness Conference was great as always!!  We got to watch the Women's Broadcast yesterday (Sunday) afternoon too!   Here in Japan each ward gets two copies of conference DVDs. So me and Gibbs Shimai asked if we could borrow the priesthood session yesterday so when we got home we watched the priesthood session too. The Chorotachi (Elders) were telling us how good it was and so we were a little impatient and we didn't want to wait a month to read the talks... :)  So basically I watched a total of 7 and a half hours of conference yesterday... :)  It was great! 
   Did you watch the priesthood session???? If not you should definitely watch it!!!! I have to say it was probably my favorite session to watch! :) hehehe   It was so good and so insightful!! I especially loved Elder Oaks' talk!!  His talk really opened up my mind to the priesthood and there were things that he said that I had never really thought about before. And his explanation was just so simple and clear and it really makes sense. Anyway I'll stop rambling now but it was really great!!   I think my favorite talk was probably President Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude.  I liked his comparison about being grateful for things and being grateful in our circumstances. So great!!
   It was a really fantastic week! And this week is transfers and hopefully I will be able to stay in Muroran!! I really love this place and all the people!
   Love you all! Have a good week!

   Morrison Shimai

P-Day with Muroran and Tomokomai Missionaries - Cardboard sledding 

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