Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunny Days Ahead

This week was a little rough to be honest. Still a good week, but it really seemed like Satan was trying especially hard this week to work against us. So at the beginning of the week we started out with 4 scheduled lessons. One everyday of the week, but one by one they all canceled on us. One of our investigators with a baptismal date, Kasai San, we haven't been able to meet with her all transfer because she wasn't answering our phone calls and never opened the door when we tried to stop by her house. But this week we were able to make a solid appointment with her. But sadly we went to her apartment and she wasn't home. So sadly she will not be able to make her baptismal date. :( Then one by one all of our other lessons cancelled. Then we found out that Wada Family will be busy for the 2 weeks so we can't have lessons with them. So we put on our brave faces and did lots of finding and housing this week. But since this week is haru yasumi (like spring break) no one was home. 
   But it's all ok. :) Sometimes we have good week and sometimes we have bad weeks. As a mission right now we were all challenged to read the whole book of Alma in one month. So right now I'm in about Alma 30, but on one particularly discouraging day last week. We were planning where to go the next day and I was feeling very frustrated and down. So my amazing companion suggest that we go to the scriptures. We start taking turns reading from the book of Alma. We stayed up reading for a long time. It was just a small thing, but the scriptures truly bring so much comfort in our lives. This book was truly written for our day. Those prophets and missionaries of old had trials and struggles, but they made it through - with the Lord's help! And we can too, if we continually put our trust in Him and in His timing. Things will work out the way they are suppose to. And there are sunny days ahead! (literally because it is finally starting to be spring, well it still snows a little bit, but the snow is no longer sticking to the ground!!!!! )
Love you all!! Thanks so much!!! Have a good week!!!

Morrison Shimai
With Gibbs Shimai

The missionaries traveled to a members home who lives by this lake - 1 1/2 hrs away

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