Sunday, May 4, 2014

Golden Family

Hello all!
   So this week was so great! I don't have a ton of time but I'll just tell you about our wonderful Endo family!
   Sorry I don't really remember how much I have told you about them. I really have a terrible memory. Before we opened the area, the Elders had found this family. It's a mom and 3 daughters so they can't go inside their house to teach them. So they were nice and passed the family to us to start teaching. The Elders had already made a Baptismal date with them for June 1st. And we have been teaching them for about 2 weeks now. They are seriously a GOLDEN family!! I love them so much!!
   This week we met with them. We had planned to teach the last half of the 1st lesson - Apostacy, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  They have been reading the BOM so they alerady knew a little bit about it. So we didn't get very far into the lesson beofre the 9 year old daughter brings up the topic of Baptism. And the mom is like 'oh yea, that's on June 1st right? Yea we should be able to make it to church every week and I'm pretty sure we can get baptized on the 1st.'  It was a great moment for me and my companion!!  I was so excited to hear that not only did she remember about what baptism is, but she also remembered the date and was still planning on getting baptized!!! They are a wonderful family and I'm so excited to be able to see them get baptized here in a few weeks! We still have a lot to do to help them prepare, but I just know they will be so blessed becuase of this decision they are making! Please keep them in your prayers!
   Much love! Have a wonderful week!
Morrison Shimai

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