Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

 Hi everyone!

   So this week has been great! First of all, Spring has finally come!! Yesterday was probably the first day that I didn't have to wear tights and a big pea coat outside!! Isn't that great? We were especially excited! haha. :)

   So Endo family. Sorry, but I'm basically just going to keep repeating myself for the next few weeks probably by saying, THEY ARE SO AWESOME! and I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!! :) This week we were feeling just a little bit stressed becuase there is so much that we have to teach them before their baptism and we weren't really sure how they would react to everything, especially things like the Word of Wisdom and Tithing. We had scheduled to meet them on Wednesday, but the mom ended up working over time so we couldn't meet. We set up another appointment for Thursday, and we were just hoping and praying, litterally all day, that we would be able to meet with them and teach them more. We were able to meet them on Thursday are we had a good lesson and talked more about what Baptism is and we made a calender with them - outlining when we wanted to meet with them and what we needed to teach them. We could both tell that the mom was feeling a little bit overwhlmed and we knew she had a lot of questions.

   So we agreed to meet again on Friday night and this time we brought a member with us - Kikuchi Shimai. We were so grateful to have her there to help us!! Quick Side note: members are so great to have at lessons with investigators becuase 1. they speak the language (this is very important) and 2. they have had similar experiences that sometimes us as foreigners can't really relate with. So thanks to all the graet members out there that help us missionaries our so much!!

   Ok so at the lesson on Friday we talked about the Spirit and then we just planned to ask the mom what her concerns and questions were. She asked us about Tithing and the Word of Wisdom - she had been donig a little research :). The lesson was so wonderful!! The spirit was so strong and I could just watch her face and see that she was at ease now. 

   They also came to church on Sunday and we are still planning for their baptism on May 31st!! So exciting! I love the Endo family and I love this work. It is just so rewarding being able to see how these people we teach are so willing to change their entire lives in order to have greater happiness through the gospel!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Happy Mothers' Day!!
Morrison Shimai

 Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)
 (Tulip Tree)
 Still in their heavy coats 

With a member

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