Sunday, October 12, 2014

Conference Weekend

Hello Everyone!
  So this past weekend we had the opportunity to watch general conference!  During the conference the prophet, all of the apostles as well as other leaders speak to us. This conference was so uplifting and hopeful. Some of the main topics that were spoken about was listening to and heeding the prophet's council. As well as finding out truth for ourselves through personal revelation from God.  As I listened to Thomas S. Monson I could just feel the Holy Ghost so strong, confirming to me that he truly is a prophet of God. I know that when he gives us council and direction, it is coming directly from the Lord.  However we also have a responsibility to find truth out for ourselves. I really liked a talk given about how it's ok for us to have questions about the truth and to have the desire to find truth for ourselves, but we need to look to God and truly study his word in order to receive that confirmation of whether or not it is true.  I know this church is God's church here on the earth today, and while we may not understand or know everything, we do know that we have a loving God who is our Father. He is always watching over and helping us, during our times of question and times of success. His love for us will never change.
   This week we also met with a few investigators. Oota San is an investigator who has a baptismal date for January 31st. She prays everyday, reads the scriptures and she even comes to church every week. This week we talked about Service and Enduring to the End. She was able to relate the good feelings we get when doing service to the Spirit. She really has a great desire to continue studying so that she can understand the church doctrine more fully. We also met a great lady named Yoshida San. We met her on the street on Friday. We had a great conversation about religion and apparently she has met with missionaries from many different churches before. She is definitely searching for the truth and it was such a miracle to have met her! We have another appointment to meet her next week so hopefully that will go well! I just know there are lots of people for us to find this transfer and I'm so excited for the opportunity to be able to work in the Heart of Sapporo for the last little while of my mission! 

Thanks for everything!   Have a wonderful week!
 Morrison Shimai

In Sapporo
With new companions

Dinner at Tony Roma's

Hello Kitty!

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