Monday, October 27, 2014

Disappointments and Blessings

Hi everyone!

   Well things here are going good, except for the fact that we had so many appointments for the week and day by day all of them fell through. I was so mad and frustrated. At the beginning of the week, I felt like we did everything we could to make sure that we would be able to use our time most effectively so that we could get lots of lessons and lots of contacts. But then I felt like Satan was really working hard on us and on our appointments and everything got cancelled. I just kept asking myself, why? I know that sometimes we have really really good weeks, but at the same time sometimes we have really really bad weeks. And I know that as long as we tried our best, and then if things didn't work out perfectly and people use their agency and chose not to listen to us, then we can't say that it was our fault. Everyone has the opportunity to choose, but it is up to us to do all we can to help them make the correct choice.

   But we did have a really good lesson with Oota San on Wednesday! She said in the past that she has never felt the spirit, and every single time we ask her what she feels when she prays, or reads scriptures how she feels. She always says that she doesn't feel anything. But we watched the Finding Faith in Christ movie, and we had a really good discussion about how we should always be improving and striving to be more Christ-like in our lives. At the end of the lesson she said that she had a really good feeling inside and so we pointed out that that is the Spirit telling her that everything she is learning is true. It was a really amazing experience. 

   One other highlight of the week. This week we had stake conference, and Shinoro is in the same stake as Shinkotoni! Yep that's right! I got to see Endo family! Before this transfer I had been praying so hard to Heavenly Father that I would be able to see them one last time before I went home. I was hoping the answer to that prayer would mean me getting to back to Shinoro, but God truly does work in mysterious ways. I didn't get to go to Shinoro, but I got to go to a place that was in the same stake so that I would be able to meet them one more time. I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers. We may not get the answer in the way we expect or want, but he truly knows what is best for us and that is how he answers us!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! Don't catch a cold! :)

Morrison Shimai

The Endo Family

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