Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello From Sapporo, Finally!!!

We are finally in Sapporo! I assume you probably didn't hear, but we missed our original flight to Sapporo on Tuesday night because our plane was late leaving from Seattle. It was a very stressful,but adventurous night. We ended up spending the night in Tokyo at a Radisson hotel. It was really nice. And then we got an early flight to Sapporo yesterday (wednesday) morning. But we're here and that's all that matters!

Yesterday I met my trainer. Her name is Furue Shimai. She is Japanese and I'm not exactly sure where she is from, but I know she lives in the Fukuoka mission and it takes her about 4 hours by car to get the the Fukuoka temple. She really nice and super funny!!!! She speaks very good Japanese (obviously) and her English is actually really good too (even though she doesn't think so). It's been hard to speak in Japanese because I really just want to speak in English because it's easier. But we're going to help each other. But she says my Japanese is good, even though it's really not, but I'm trying! She's been in Sapporo for 9 months now, so she is half way done with her mission. I'm the third geigene (foreigner) that she has trained. So she must be a good trainer! :)

It's very hot and humid here, although not as humid as Tokyo. It's really beautiful and bring and hopefully I will be able to send some pictures soon. Our area is right in the middle of Hokaido and it takes about 3 hours to get there so we'll go to our new apartment today. We'll be living with 3 other sisters (including Bastow Shimai). I don't remember what the name of the town is.....

Anyway, just wanted to say hi! Hope you are all doing well. Our P-day is on Monday so you'll probably get another email from me then.

Love you lots!!! :)
Morrison Shimai

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