Monday, August 19, 2013

Rice, Rice and yes more Rice!!

There has been so much that has happened in just my first full week in Japan! First I just want to tell you about how awesome the people are here!! They are so polite and kind and very understanding of my poor Japanese. I`ve realized how little Japanese I really know! But its really funny becuase I try to say something in Japanese and all the people are like `Nihongo wa jozu!!` which means `you`re Japanese is good!` Really they`re very nice and they tell me my Japanese is good, when I know its not. :) The church members here are the best! In the past week the members fed us 5 times and there are 11 missionaries in my area/ward, so that`s a lot of people to feed!! Usually the members don`t feed us and we usually eat at our apartment, but this is really a great area and the members really love the missionaries.
So some of you may know, but one of my biggest fears about coming to Japan was the food! I was so worried that I wouldn`t like anything because most of it is fish and I`m not really a huge fish person, but I must say in just a short week I have come to really love Japanese food!! My favorite meal so far is any kind of meat on top of rice. Its so simple, but its really good!! Also I think Japanese curry will become a quick favorite! I`m still trying to get used to eating with chopsticks. Embarrasing moment of the week: we were over at a member`s house on Saturday (all 11 missionaries) and we had some pork, but they were cut into really big slices! And so I`m sitting there and finally I got about half the piece of meat into my mouth, but I can`t get the other half in. So I`m really struggling and then I notice that no one is talking. So with a huge piece of meat hanging out of my mouth I look up and everyone is staring at me!! The member comes into the room with a fork and a knife and everyone laughs a little. I`m such a forignier! Haha. :)
There are about 60 people in the ward that I go to on Sundays. Yesterday I had to give a talk in church, and since I don`t know any Japanese it basically means share my testimony about Jesus Christ. I was so nervous. They told me that I should try to take about 3 minutes, but in reality I probably wasn`t up there for more than 45 seconds... Oh well... I guess I need to work on that. :) After I went and sat back down and my companion said that she could understand me, which is a good sign. Then after the meeting people were coming up to me and telling me that they really appriciated my testimony. It was a huge compliment to hear from them! The best part about church is that one of our investigators came!! Her name is Kohoru Chan, she`s 23 years old and she just moved to Obihiro on Friday. We met her when we were out knocking on doors on Satuday and we just started talking to her for a while and then she even came to dinner with us on Saturday night and then came to church with us on Sunday! She speaks a little bit of English and she actually was living in Hawaii, on Kona, back in December. She was there for a work training program. Anyway, she is really nice and she`s been wondering a lot about what true happiness is in life. I`m so excited to get to know her more and help her learn more about the gospel! I`ll let you know more about her next week.
Hope you are all doing well! Love you all!!! Again sorry if I don`t reply to all your emails right away! But I love getting them! Thanks so much!
Morrison Shimai
PS these are some pictures of the view of Obihiro from our apartment!

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