Sunday, June 29, 2014

I got to go back to Muroran!

Hello everyone!!

   This week started out really busy. We were so excited that we had a lot of appointments. Sadly 3 of our strong appointments cancelled right in the beginning of the week. But that was ok, because it just gave us more time to find! And it was a good thing because we met this super nice lady this week! Her name is Fujita San. She is a young mom in her late 20s. She just moved to Hakodate from Tokyo a few years ago. She also has a 4 month old daughter - who is absolutely adorable! (Side note: Japanese kids are so cute! I just don't understand how they can just be so adorable!)  We made an appointment with her for next week, so please pray that we will be able to meet her again.

   Also I got to go back to my home this week! Yep I got to go back to Muroran!!! I was so excited and basically freaking out the whole 2 and a half hour train ride there. I felt like I was like a little kid going to Disneyland again! We had a big Zone Conference there with other missionaries so I got to see my old companion Gibbs Shimai, who is still in Muroran. It was so fun. And the best part is that I got to see my old investigator Wada San. She is truly my Japanese Grandma. haha :) She came and met us at the train station before we came back to Hakodate. And being the sweet lady that she is, she even made us food! So sweet! I love her and miss her lots. I know that her and her husband will get baptized someday! :)

   Well the work is moving along. Slowly at times, but definitely moving.

   Sorry this is a short letter, but I hope you are all doing great! Happy 4th of July!

   Morrison Shimai

Restaurant called Luck Pierro.  There are many of them in Hokodate and they have different themes.
This one is a Christmas theme as you'll see below.

Jazmyne with Yabutani Shimai

Yabutani Shimai, Jazmyne Shimai, Chise San

Back in Muroran with Gibbs Shimai and Jo Shimai

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