Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teaching Miracles

Hello Everyone!

   So this week was great! And one of the reasons it was so great was that it was actually warm! The sun was shining basically all weekend. I think Friday might have been the first day I didn't have to wear tights and 3 layers of shirts since October! Yay summer has finally arrived!! :) I'm just glad it came before July!

   The other reason it was so great was because we were so busy! It's truly an amazing thing to see the progress that happens over one transfer and all the different miracles that we see everyday in being able to find people to teach!
   One miracle from the week: so last Sunday a returned missionary came back to Hakodate. She was here just for one day to visit people and see some of her old investigators, but while she was here she gave us 10 referrals of people she wanted us to go see.  So this past week we have been trying to tract down all these people. Sadly most of them have either moved or aren't really interested anymore.  But on Friday we went to contact a referral. She lives on the top floor of an apartment building, but she wasn't home. But we heard kids playing in an apartment right below her's so we decided to ring the door bell since we knew that they were home. So the mom opens the door and we start talking with her. She is 23 years old and has 3 kids. She's home basically all day and her husbands works. She was a little quiet, but when we asked if we could come back she said that we could! And we were able to make an appointment with her.

   Ok miracle #2:  So every Friday night we teach a free English Class. So this last Friday right at the end of class this young girl walks in. She is a friend of a member in the ward. The member invited her to come to English class, but she was busy so that's why she came at the very end. She is so nice and she is young and her name is Yuka chan. She has talked to missionaries before so we are hoping that we can start teaching her.

   And lastly miracle #3: So at the beginning of the transfer we as a companionship had made a goal of the types of investigators we wanted to find this transfer. Our first investigator would be a young family. A mom who is home all day and takes care of her young kids. Our second investigator would be a young girl who works during the week, but has the weekends off and her name would be Yuka chan. And this week we found them both!!! It was so exciting!

  I know that the Lord truly blesses us if we are working hard and continuing to do the things that he has asked us to do. We still have to put forth effort, but we will eventually see the results and blessings.

   Hope you all have a good week! Love you all!

   Morrison Shimai

 Jazmyne and her companion Yabutani Shimai

 Flipping the Elder's bikes for fun!

 Funny Girls!

Hakodate Dairy Farm - She said the ice cream was delicious!
Watch out Tillamook!

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