Monday, June 16, 2014

Rain and Teaching Miracles

Hi everyone!

   So this week was the first full week for us in Hakodate!  It rained all week this week, but I think rain is a good thing because let's face it no one likes riding bikes and stopping and talking to people in the rain. It helps to motivate us more to find someone to teach who will be nice enough to let us inside to get out of the rain. :)

   We saw so many miracles this week and I wish I had time to tell you all the detail of them all but here is the basics. Since we are whitewashing the area, we didn't have any investigators so we have been searching through all of the old records of investigators. We have been calling everyone to try and meet people. And this week we were able to meet a really great family! (Suzuki family) The mom and son (6 years old) have met with missionaries before, but they got busy and stopped meeting them. They are really interested in learning English. We were going to just first invite them to English class and then see if they were interested in learning more about the church. But, when we went to their house the mom pulled out the Book of Mormon right away and started asking us all sorts of questions. We had a really great discussion about faith and she really just wants to be a good mom for her son. 

   Also there is another investigator and her name is Chise. She is Korean, but she grew up in Japan so she speaks perfect Japanese. She was the Elder's investigator, but she got passed to us because she is interested in learning English. She is 31 years old and just the sweetest girl ever!  Right now she has a Baptismal date for July 5th so we are really working hard with her for baptism!  She also owns a little Korean restaurant and so she invited all the missionaries to her restaurant last week and I have realized how much I love Korean food!! It is so delicious!  If you ever get a chance you should really try it!  

  There are really great things happening here and I'm so grateful to be a missionary here in Japan! I love the culture! I love the food! And I love having the opportunity to share the gospel with the amazing people here!

   Hope you all have a good week! Much love!

   Morrison Shimai

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