Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Transfer - Still in Obihiro

This past week we had TRANSFERS!!!! I am still in Obihiro and my new companions are........... Bastow Shimai and Lundstrom Shimai!!   Bastow Shimai came to Japan the same time as me (although she was in a different district in the MTC).   We`ve both been in Obihiro for the past 6 weeks and Lundstrom Shimai is our follow-up trainer.   Last transfer we had 5 shimai in our apartment, but 2 different companionships. (Me and Furue Shimai and then Gibbs Shimai, Sugihara Shimai and Bastow Shimai). But now we only have 3 Shimai in our apartment!  There is so much room now!!!  I kind of don`t know what to do with all the new room!!!! It`s great! :)   On Saturday we started our weekly planning session and usually it takes us about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, but it took us 3 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday and we still didn`t finish...... It`s been a little crazy.... Obviously... :)   But it`s been fun. We have to combine 2 different companionships into 1, so we have so many investigators now!!   I`ll let you know how this week goes. :)
Fun part of this week is that we went up to Sapporo for our Stake Conference on Sunday!! We had a member drive us to Sapporo and it usually takes us about 3.5 hours to get there and so we had to wake up at 4:30 am so that we could meet the member at the church at 5:30 am (not the fun part). So we drove to Sapporo and the countryside of Hokkaido is absolutely beautiful!!!   It so green here and a lot of it is farm land. It reminds me a lot of Oregon becuase there is so many trees here!  So we got to the Stake center at about 8:30 and the meeting didn`t start until 10 am. So we just hung out and said hi to all the members and we got to see a lot of missionaries!   So it was fun seeing other missionaries.   I still can`t understand a lot of Japanese, but during the meeting I was so surprised at how much I actually understood. So it`s coming along!!   K so the really cool part was after Stake conference!   We left and the member asked us if we wanted to see the Temple site and so of course we all said yes!!   It wasn`t super far away from the Stake Center. There`s a bridge to the side of where they are building it!   So we went up there and took some pictures! It`s suppose to be done December 30th, 2015!!! I`m so hoping that I can come back and see it when it`s all done! It`s going to be beautiful!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!! And enjoy the first week of fall!! Love you all!!
Morrison Shimai

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