Monday, September 2, 2013

P-Day Basketball

Ok so this week I found out how I really am not a sports person! The elders invited us to come play basketball with them so me and Furue Shimai went and we also brought along one of our investigators, Akarichan. She is 22 years old and she works in this cute little bakery in the city and she has the cutest, littlest purple car I have ever seen!!! Anyway so it was 5 guys and us 3 girls. All the guys were so good! And so was Akarichan! And then theres me and Furue Shimai. We were having some real difficulties! They would pass me the ball and say `shuto` so I would try to shoot the ball and only 3 out of the 30 times I shot the ball did it actually go in. They wouldn`t even try to stop me from trying to make a basket (thats how bad I was). Hahaha. :) It also probably didnt help that they were all speaking Japanese and so I couldnt tell if I did something wrong or not. Anyway it was very funny but really fun!
Japan has been great! We are getting into the Fall season now. I now wear tights and a sweater everyday because its so chilly and a rain jacket is a must! But I think people are more willing to talk to us once they see that we`re drenched becuase weve been out in the pouring rain all day so thats good!
Again sorry this is a short letter!
Love you all! Hope you are all doing well!
Morrison Shimai
モリソン 姉妹

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