Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're all in this together!

This week has been pretty crazy!  First of all I swear the weather here is so strange!   So the last couple of weeks it`s been really windy and raining every day.  One of our investigators told us that it was suppose to start snowing in some places on Hokkaido (the island that I`m on).   No snow yet for Obihiro, but it was crazy to think that some of the other missionaries in my mission will experience snow in September.  So me and my companion have been getting ready for winter pulling out big jackets and buying more tights and sweaters!   We thought we were so prepared, but then to our surprise, this week has been warm and humid, just about every day!!   Haha and we were obviously not prepared.   In the morning it would look foggy and cold, but by about 1 pm it would be bright and sunny. Oh well!  I`m having a hard time deciding if I should enjoy the humidity while it lasts, because I know in about a month I`m going to be wishing for some sun. :)
So one of our investigators, Miyako San, has really been progessing!  We had a baptismal date set for this last week, but she`s been having some trouble with the Word of Wisdom.  So we met with her last Sunday and we made a deal with her:  If she would not drink alcohol for a whole week, me and Furue Shimai would also give up something for the week.   For all those High School Musical fans: I almost wanted to start singing "WE`RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!"   Anyway so Furue Shimai decided she would give up eating snacks and I said that I would stop eating chocolate.   And anyone who knows how much I love chocolate knows that this would seem like an impossible task....  Even here in Japan, I usually always have some sort of chocolate bar or candy sitting on my desk and I eat a little bit each day.  I know, it`s bad! :)    It was a lot harder than I thought that it would be to not eat chocolate!   But I did it!!!   I went a whole week and no chocolate!   And the best news was that Miyako San went the whole week without drinking alcohol!!   Great news all around!   She is very strong and I hope that she will continue to progress.  I know that we recieve so many blessings when we live the Word of Wisdom.  It`s not just another rule we have to follow, but it`s more like a protection. If we don`t put harmful things into our body, then we will be more healthy! Who wouldn`t want that kind of promise?!?
Transfers are this week so we`ll find out tomorrow if I`ll stay in Obihiro or not!   But we do get to go to Sapporo this week for a mini mission conference so I`m really excited for that!
Hope all is well! Love you all! Thanks again for all the letters!!
Morrison Shimai

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