Sunday, September 8, 2013

Octopus and Squid!

So this week was good!! I`m going to start out by bragging a little bit because I`m so excited!!

1. I navigated the city all by myself!!!!! After a month I finally know how to get around (well a little).   My sense of direction isnt the best, but Im doing pretty good if I do say so myself!   We ride our bikes everywhere becuase that`s the fastest way to get around.   A couple times during the week we went really far (to the outskirts of town), it took us about 40 minutes each way - and I was able to lead the whole time.   The way the city streets work is that it`s a grid system a little - kind of like Utah.   So as long as you know how far south or west or north or east you need to go it`s all numbered.   I never though I would say it but I`m grateful for the grid system with naming and numbering streets!! Haha. :)

2. I talked to 3 people all by myself!!!   Don`t be too impressed becuase the conversations we had were probably only a minute long, but they were able to understand me and I kind of knew what they were saying!!   Every time I do something good Furue Shimai`s comment is always "you`re growing!!"  It`s pretty great and a really good feeling.   But I know I still have a long way to go before I can have conversations with people for more than a minute!!   Sukoshi zutsu! Little by little! :)
I think I`ve mentioned it before, but the people here are so nice!!   Whenever we go and visit people they always give us food!   And I`ve had some good and some interesting expiriences!   Octopus and squid are very interesting.   I found out that I actually like squid as long as it`s cooked, but raw is just a little too chewy for me.   The Japanese do have some really good treats though!   Like last Sunday we went to a member`s home and she make us this apple with cinnamon and carmal, whipped cream thing!! It was so good!

Morrison Shimai

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